About us

A’Durrah Global Investments is a full-fledged marketing company in Oman specializing in product development and design, advertising and brand management. We bring our full range of services together to provide complete, exceptional, services to all our Clients.

At A’Durrah Global Investments we build strong brands, that deliver unique and powerful identities and resonate in the marketplace through solid strategic direction and inspiring creative execution. From Corporate design, to branding, advertising and all things creative, we invite you to find your competitive edge with A’Durrah Global Investments.


What we do

From Corporate stationery packages and flyers, to multi-page brochures, catalogues, corporate gifts, billboards  and signage, our team of talented creative designers can set you up with everything you need to help your business stand out in the market. Our extensive expertise and full-service creative capabilities ensure your collateral is innovative, consistent and cohesive across all applications, establishing a unique and clearly identifiable presence for your brands in the marketplace.

How we do it

We help our clients to fulfill their market needs by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technologies. We do extensive market research in order to understand our clients core marketing needs to reach the desired success. Our unique, full – service capabilities and resources ensure all key creative and strategic deliverables are managed with priority to maintain consistency and reinforce your brand identity at every touch point.

Our team

Our Team of creative experts and specialists work towards helping you differentiate your brand from competitors and increase your brand value. Our team includes brand consultants, certified graphic designers, creative directors and advertising experts from the media industry.

Owing to the expertise we have and the unique tailor-made solutions we offer to our clients, A’Durrah Global Investments has created its own niche space in the Omani market.